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Protocol service: a new application will simplify the design of an accident

Drivers will be relieved of paperwork - all damage will be scanned by a smartphone.


To speed up the design of the europrotocol, damage to the machine is planned to be scanned. Such an opportunity will be provided in a mobile application based on a system for processing an electronic TCP. Its development is engaged in the structure of “Rostec” – JSC “Electronic Passport”. About this “Izvestia” said the head of the department of scientific and technical activities of the company Boris Ionov. Automatic comparison of machine snapshots upon receipt of an EFTS and after an accident will make it possible to discard the damage description on paper. According to experts, the development can be useful to motorists, if the technology will allow to detect damage to the photos taken at night and under adverse weather conditions.

Euro Protocol on the passport

The application will be associated with the electronic passport of the vehicle (EPS). To get it on a previously registered car, the vehicle inspection operator will need to take a photo of the vehicle’s identification data, the car itself according to certain standards, as well as scan documents for it. Then this data is recognized and verified against the traffic police base. Now the application is “learning”, testing with the State Traffic Inspectorate is scheduled for the near future.

For the time being, maintenance operators are just beginning to connect to the issuance of electronic passports. For new machines, at the request of the factories, manufacturers can now do this, and the designation of the EPRTS will become mandatory from November 2019.

The next step is the creation of a system for processing an euro protocol based on a mobile application using electronic passports, Boris Ionov explained. The program will be able to install on your smartphone every driver. If the system records data on how the car looked like before damage, it will be possible to take a photo of its parts after an accident through the application — for example, a wing, a headlight, a hood, a windshield. The application compares the images automatically and fix the damage.

– The same will then see an employee of the insurance company and a service station. Thus, the process of registration of the europrotocol is simplified to the maximum, – said Boris Ionov.

According to him, the data will be tied to the location of the accident, and in the future it is possible to teach the system to fix the distance between cars, the position relative to any stationary objects, buildings, traffic lights so that you can completely restore the situation. In this case, “paper” work on the description of the condition of the car in the notice will not be needed, he explained.

Fixing the circumstances of an accident using technical means (photos and videos) will become mandatory from October 1, 2019, when an unlimited Europrotocol will be introduced across the country. Then car owners will be able to claim payment of up to 400 thousand rubles (now – 100 thousand). While the system operates only in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Europrotocol (that is, registration of an accident without traffic police officers) is possible if only two insured on a motor vehicle insurance policy are involved in an accident, there are no injured people and no damage to property of third parties.

Applications to choose from

For registration of accidents on the europrotocol from June 1, 2018 there is an application of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA) “Accidents. Europrotocol. With its help, the car owner photographs on the smartphone the damage to the car, the scene of the accident and sends them to the AIS OSAGO. The difference between the future e-Passport application and the existing PCA program is in the comparison of the “before and after” photo. In addition, today motorists still have to fill out a paper notice describing the damage. The ability to compile it in electronic form should appear in another application that develops the Central Bank. In the version of the “Electronic Passport” this description is not required.

“Under the current regulations, information on the europrotocol can only be transmitted by the PCA directly or through insurance companies, and some of them have their own applications,” said the PCA Executive Director Yevgeny Ufimtsev. – It is necessary that the insurers agree to accept the data of the Electronic Passport application.

The ability of a new application to correctly form a list of damaged parts from photographs, if they were made, for example, at night or if the car is dirty, is in doubt, said Ingosstrakh Director of the Retail Business Directorate Vitaly Knyaginichev.

I agree with the coordinator of the movement “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov. He stressed that the quality of the picture should allow us to assess what kind of repair the car needs.

If the new development is implemented, it will be easier for drivers to defend their rights in disputes with insurers about the amount of compensation, said Sergey Kanaev, head of the Russian Federation of car owners. In the case when data on accidents are not sent directly to the PCA or the insurance company, but are recorded through an application linked to an electronic TCP, the motorist may receive additional proof of his innocence.

– The insurers in this case will argue not only with the car owner, but at least with the electronic passport system. She will provide a guarantee of performance by insurers of their obligations.

If the system develops, it will reduce the number of situations when insurance companies underestimate the amount of payments.


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