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Google Drive becomes Google One for paying users

Google One launches in Germany and replaces the paid version of Google Drive. The details of the changes.


Google announced in May that it wanted to rename its paid cloud storage service Google Drive to Google One . After the US, the change is now also introduced in Germany. Google will announce that paid Google Drive storage subscriptions will automatically become Google One in the coming weeks, Google said . The users receive a corresponding mail.

Nothing changes in terms of functions. Furthermore, each owner of a Google Account will receive a total of 15 gigabytes of free space. If you need more online storage space, you can sign up for a Google One subscription. For some subscriptions Google has improved the price on Google One compared to the previous Google Drive.

Google One also allows users to add up to five family members to their subscription. Each family member gets their own private storage and all the other benefits of Google One. These benefits include direct access to experts who answer questions about Google products and Google services. “It also gives you access to extras from other Google products, such as credits on Google Play or offers to selected hotels on Google Search, and we’ll add more benefits over time,” the announcement from Google said.

Currently, the following prices apply to Google Drive:

15 GB -> free


100 GB -> 1.99 Euro / month or 19.99 Euro / year


1 TB -> 9,99 Euro / month or 99,99 Euro / year


2 TB -> 19.99 Euro / month


10 TB -> 99.99 Euro / month


20 TB -> 199.99 Euro / month


30 TB -> 299.99 Euro / month

 Google One adds the 200GB option, which costs $ 2.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year. The 1TB version is no longer required, but the 2TB option will only cost 9.99 euros per month in the future (99.99 euros per year). Anyone who has a 1 TB subscription on Google Drive will be promoted to the 2 TB version free of charge and will thus receive twice as much online storage space for their money.


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