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Apple will no longer publish iPhone sales figures

Immediately after the publication of the next financial report, Apple announced that in the future it would not disclose sales figures for the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Luc Maestri explained that sales in piece terms were not as revealing.


The fact is that over the past two years, Apple has significantly increased the average price tag for smartphones – from $ 724 to $ 793. Apparently, the strategy of raising prices works. Compared to last year, they sold about the same number of iPhones in units, but in the fourth fiscal quarter they earned 29% more.

In addition, Apple has increased the prices of other devices and accessories – the new MacBook Air in the minimum configuration, Mac mini, and more. Even the second Apple Pencil with a magnetic mount and wireless charging costs $ 30 more than the first version.

It is the increase in the average price tag that caused the refusal to publish information on sales in pieces, reports The Verge. However, the company will continue to set certain bars for itself in numbers, but the public will most likely not find out about them.


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