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BSC : Top PUSH Notification Providers August 2018

Best SMS Company, with best interests in mind, gives the mention of the top ten leading Push Notification companies that has been performing exceptionally well throughout the month of August 2018


LA (California ) : Best SMS Company, with best interests in mind, gives the mention of the top ten leading SMS Marketing companies that has been performing exceptionally well throughout the month of August 2018.

As usual, this time again, Best SMS Company has laid emphasis on the salient metrics of the leading SMS services providers in the industry in order to resolve the effectiveness of the performance given by each service provider. The metrics the Company has used include:

Top PUSH Notification Providers August 2018

  1. BroadNet Technologies: BroadNet S.A.R.L is an international leading business messaging solutions provider, located in Lebanon, UK and UAE, with over 200 worldwide operators. We cover 5 billion people on 950 networks in 220 countries with 99.9% delivery rate, and direct traffic with local operators for many countries. Our range of world-class mobile services includes Bulk SMS, A2P SMS, HLR Lookup, SMSC Gateway, SMS Firewall, Mobile Applications and Web solutions. With 14 years of experience we are committed to work with our clients to identify their problems and coming up with perfect solutions.
  2. Airpush, Inc: Airpush is more than ‘just’ a push notifications platform – it’s a full-blown mobile ad monetization network which also happens to offer push notifications, as well. The company boasts having more than 150,000 apps using it, and being ranked #2 on the Forbes list of Most Promising Companies in 2014. Besides offering the standard in-app monetization methods (banners, video ads, etc.) it offers push notifications and can trigger sign-ups anytime in app sessions. Many review sites out there claim Airpush is Android only, but the company says it works on iOS and mobile web, as well. It focuses its business around using push notifications for advertising, which is something you should keep in mind, together with the introduction to this article.
  3. Apptentive: Apptentive, Inc. develops and delivers mobile customer engagement software solution that helps companies listen to, engage with, and retain their customers worldwide. Its mobile engagement tool offers brands the opportunity to identify who to talk to, engage user segments, and mobilize customers to take action through in-application messages, surveys, notes, reporting, and ratings prompts. The company helps companies engage mobile customers, improve application ratings, drive downloads, and earn customer loyalty. It also offers a dashboard that provides key insights to users about who their customers are, what they care about, and how to talk with them.
  4. Amazon: Amazon Simple Notification Service  was launched by Amazon in April, 2010 to facilitate mobile app developers work and help them to build more sophisticated apps. The company’s platform allows app owners, using a single API, to send app push notifications to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS). Among its clients such notable companies as WunderList, Yelp, Hike Messenger, Yik Yak.
  5. ClickaTell: Founded in 2000, Clickatell is a leader in global mobile messaging and pioneer in mobile technology, helping businesses connect with their customers. Clickatell is a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA with over $12 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital and DAG Ventures. To date, Clickatell has served billions of messages for over 15,000 customers. Current customers, which span enterprise sectors, include Visa, IBM, Avaya, McKinsey & Company, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  6. Foxpush: FoxPush is a rapidly-growing technology firm on a mission to make push notification technology accessible to all website owners. Using Their services, your website can subscribe users to receive pop-up notifications whenever they are online, regardless of what browser they are using or if they are on a mobile device. Our 25% click-through-rate helps you boost engagement, convert leads into customers, and enhance user loyalty. Their platform was designed with two goals in mind: to simplify the process of creating and sending push notifications and to provide the most sophisticated audience-targeting capacity possible. They have taken all of the design work out of your hands, so all you have to do is copy and paste one line onto your website to start signing up subscribers and sending push notifications.
  7. Notificare: Notificare offers a Mobile Marketing Automation Platform as a SaaS-solution that lets you reach out, interact and gain insights from users on mobile apps. The dashboard makes it easy for brands to turn user behavior and location into relevant push notification campaigns.
  8. Pushover: With our Android, iPhone/iPad, and Desktop Browser clients, you can receive unlimited push notifications on all of your devices from dozens of websites, services, and applications that already integrate with Pushover. Just supply your Pushover User Key or your Pushover e-mail address and you’ll be getting push notifications in an instant.
  9. Pushwoosh Inc: Push Woosh can handle push notification traffic going up to millions, through its scalable and future ready systems. It is free for the basic account, and for the premium accounts, it bundles in additional powerful features such as international language support, Remote APIs, code review, analytics support and location-based tagging support.
  10. Solution Analysts: RZLTS is a mobile push notification company. The company pioneered a first monetization solution for a mobile app push notification service. RZLTS app user quality and monetizing solution allows users to build app users profile and with the App Inbox tool to push in-app messages with a Suggested Apps unit to gain revenue. The company is the member of Application Developers Alliance. Some of the best features are: App users profiling App Inbox tool to establish two-way communication Swift programming language support


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